Woke up this morning in a particular mood, and not any good particular mood at that. Normally, Id talk to a friend about these things, but I’ve heard a good bit of people tell me all I do is complain. So here I am… pouring my heart and soul into cyberspace, where no one will read this. I can’t help but think about certain things. I miss you, for one. I wish I could change how things happened and some words I said. But I can’t. And it kills me. I hate being like this, and I know those around me are sick of hearing about it, which is a good reason to let part of me out here, and all bubbly mcgee on fb. That way ppl won’t either pretend to care or bitch at me for feeling things other humans feel who are less vocal than I am. My heart is slowly been shriveling for the past few years, so I should be close to numb… not caring about squat. If only I could be so lucky…



i really want a girlfriend.

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So sometimes I’m negative. I get depressed. I get down. I talk about what’s on my mind no matter whether positive or negative. You do it too. But ppl tend to focus on the bad instead of the good. I’m seen as negative because I do talk more often about things bothering me because ppl all the time say “You can talk to me. Ill listen.” Yet when I talk about something weighing me down, I’m negative. But when its something good, I’m bragging. It makes no fucking sense.


That moment you have feelings for someone who will never love you. </3 Why do I hurt myself so much because I have feelings for someone who will never want me. Oh to have such high hopes…

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I’m not alone. 

…I’m never alone.

Every person needs to reboot this

They are VerY real

The people I’ve met over the web and are great friends with, hell, even one is my boyfriend, are more fucking real than most of the people I meet on a daily basis in “reality”.

relationships established online are real and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Internet friends are real and they are some of the greatest friends ever.

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If it wasn’t for an online friend, I would have been dead.. if it wasn’t for my online friends, I would have been hurt and alone.. If it wasn’t for online friends, I would be alone…

I met my bestie online 15 years ago tyvm…

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This is important because reasons.

i am screaming


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So it’s time for me to go back to school. I’ve had my fun, but now it’s time to grow up and do adult things. Starting with a degree. Yeah, a lot of my friends have those, or are so close to getting them they can smell the ink as it spells out their name. I just want to do something more with my life than my parents have. I’m trying so hard that I’ve about wore myself out before I began. I’m nervous. Scared. What if I fail? I want to be the kind of person someone looks at, be it friend or stranger, and see the pride I have in myself, and somehow them be proud too. I have so many thing bubbling away at my mind like a witch’s cauldron. So many things I want to talk about, but when I do people get distant afterwards. It’s like my intensity scares them. I know my kindness scares people, and so does my heart, which is why I’ve kept to myself for so long. Tumblr is like a diary for me. Not many people I know, know I have this… so it’s relatively safe… so why am I still afraid to talk about things here? Maybe I wont like the answers I give myself, or maybe I’m afraid of what I’d even say… idk anything anymore, and my brain is now soup.




Singer uses her music video to intriguingly show how fake performers are in videos

Hungarian musician Boggie sits still and sings for her latest music video… So what makes it interesting?

As she performs, her video editor retouches her skin, hair, facial features, and lighting during the song so that by the end everything looks “right”…

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No seriously you need to watch this.


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Pokemon Energy Charm Bracelet - First Generation

This light, colorful bracelet features the first energy types introduced into the Pokemon game and TCG. Each charm is hand-cut from energy cards out of my own stock and laid in settings with glass cabochons.

Fun fact, the cards I used to make this were only made in that style for the base set print! So they really are a blast from the past!

The charms are not heavy or bulky and the chain secures with an easy-to-use toggle clasp. It looks great when stacked with other bracelets, too!


Reblogging and Liking my jewelry posts really helps my stuff get exposure! I appreciate each and every one of you that enjoy my work enough to like and share it, on any platform. You guys are amazing :D

Much want ;-;

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Painting this last Christmas. I love penguins! 


Painting this last Christmas. I love penguins! 

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in these bodies we will live,

in these bodies we will die,

and where you invest your love,

you invest your life

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a long time ago.. *le sigh*

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